Wellknit Testimonials

Integrated Health & Dental Benefit Plans

“We were one of Wellknit's first clients. There was some trepidation by our Board when we decided to proceed; it was such a departure from what we were used to. But what we were used to wasn't working…our costs were going up, we were reducing benefits at every renewal and the majority of our employees were not using the plan.

We couldn't be happier with our decision. The flexibility has been maximized by our staff and our benefit costs have never exceeded our budget since inception.”

- A client since 2005

“We introduced a flex plan to our 36 employees over 5 years ago. With the assistance of the Wellknit team it was easy to implement the program, our costs have been stable and new employees are surprised that an organization of our size can offer a better plan than what they were used to.”

- A client since 2006

“We registered for the Executive Health Fund 3 years ago. It was easy to enrol and has been easy to claim. We have saved thousands of dollars since inception. Frankly we were surprised our accountant had not brought this to our attention years ago. I think back on the money we could have saved on our son’s orthodontic work…better late than never.”

- A client since 2009

“We are a lean and tight knit group. Some of my 12 employees have been with me since the beginning. When one of our associates was killed in a traffic accident on the long weekend our office was devastated. I knew something needed to be done but I was in shock too. Thank goodness our EAP team was available.  I certainly couldn't grieve and counsel my staff at the same time.”

- A client since 2010