Integrated Health & Dental Benefit Plans

Wellknit is committed to helping business owners like yourself find a benefits plan that balances the needs of your business, your employees and yourself. A well designed benefits plan can help with attracting and retaining key employees and increasing employee engagement. Whether you have 3 or 300 employees, our flexible benefits plans can be customized to your specific needs.

What is Your Company's Benefits Balance?

What is Insurance?

Insurance is about protecting yourself from situations you hope you never encounter. You never want to claim on your insurance plan.

What is Benefits Compensation?

Benefits Compensation is about funding, tax free, routine health and dental expenses or contributing to tax-assisted savings.

What is Integrated Plan Design?

Through our Integrated Plan Design, you can establish the benefit balance that is right for your organization…provide protection and tax effective compensation

Our Integrated Plan Design offers affordable health benefit solutions that you and your employees will actually use without the high rates and premium increases of a traditional plan. Integrated Plan design eliminates unnecessary or duplicate coverage or administration.

Our Integrated Plan Design Provides:

    • Stable Premiums determined by you, not an insurance company giving control and choice over what benefits you and your employees want;
    • More value for each premium dollar than a traditional plan by maximizing the available private and public claims subsidies that traditional plans ignore
    • Employee choice on where to spend their benefits compensation
    • The same or more disability and life insurance coverage;
    • Additional products and services such as measurable Wellness and Employee Assistance Plans, TFSA and RRSP's,

As an added bonus, you only pay when an employee submits a claim. Our unique model means that you are not paying premiums for benefits that are not being claimed, improving your cash flow. Furthermore, our enrollment and administration is easy and seamless.

If you are tired of premium increases, limitations on what you can claim and want to increase employee satisfaction with your group benefits plan, Wellknit would like to help. Contact us today.

We View Benefits Differently

Apple Orange

You buy insurance for things you hope never happen and use tax effective compensation to fund routine expenses.

Two different concepts, apples and oranges that we integrate into one solution.

Client Testimonial

"We introduced a flex plan to our 36 employees over 5 years ago. With the assistance of the Wellknit team it was easy to implement the program, our costs have been stable and new employees are surprised that an organization of our size can offer a better plan than what they were used to."

- A client since 2006