How It Works

Integrated Health & Dental Benefit Plans

How does it work?
Your Employer funds the Benefits. They create a Health Spending Account (HSA) for each employee... it is like having your own personal benefit bank account you can use to fund health expenses... and you do not pay any tax on the money that comes out of your account.

Traditional Compensation


pays you



Deposited in your Bank



You pay



Left for your

Health Care


Goes to Govt. for

Income tax

We View Benefits Differently

You buy insurance for things you hope never happen and use tax effective compensation to fund routine expenses.

Two different concepts, apples and oranges that we integrate into one solution.

Client Testimonial

"We introduced a flex plan to our 36 employees over 5 years ago. With the assistance of the Wellknit team it was easy to implement the program, our costs have been stable and new employees are surprised that an organization of our size can offer a better plan than what they were used to."

- A client since 2006